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How To Remove Skin Tags From Home

Do you have a skin tag that you would like removed? Do you want to know which options are reasonable and safe? Finally, would you like to remove any unwanted skin tag from home?

Today we’ll explore how to remove skin tags.

First, let’s talk about the traditional available options:

  1. You can go to a doctor. For a specialist visit without insurance, you’re looking at around $100. A doctor will typically cut the skin tag off, then burn the area so that it will scab over.
  2. You can buy a product to use at home. Options include acidic topicals for burning/freezing or applicators that cut the circulation of the skin tags so that they fall off.
  3. You can buy a natural product to use at home. These solutions attack skin tags at a cellular level so that they are truly removed at their “root”.
  4. You can cut it off yourself. This seems the easiest, but there are potential bacterial issues to be addressed.

In this article, we are going to address Option #3 – natural, at-home removal.

Why? Well, going to a doctor proves to be a hassle (booking an appointment getting off of work, potentially getting naked, and coughing up $100). Utilizing traditional home removal products require acidic treatments and hard to use applicators – both ineffective and results vary. Finally, cutting it off yourself could land you at the doctor (we just discussed the pitfalls of that).

That leaves us with the natural options.

Skin tags are a form of virus. Naturally, our body disposes of viruses by sending an army of white blood cells. However, since skin tags aren’t in your entire blood system like a standard virus, the body skips over it and the skin tag continues to live.

There are products on the market that can urge white blood cells to a specific area of the body (like a skin tag). Simply put, you can apply a natural serum to the skin tag, and white blood cells will attack the skin tag virus internally. In a short amount of time, the skin tag will simply fall off.