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Quick Read: What Are Skin Tags (Acrochordon)?

Skin tags seem to appear out of nowhere, Leaving millions of people each year wondering exactly what they are.

Whether you’re hear to learn about skin tags personally, or for somebody else – you can rest assured that you’re not alone! Roughly 45% of people worldwide (most over the age of 50) experience skin tag growth.

The true cause of skin tags is still somewhat a topic of discussion. A common cause is the skin area in question being irritated in some manner (either by clothing or contact with more skin). Skin tag growth can be synonymous with obesity and diabetes (which often are found together). Also, it has been discovered that skin tags may be a form of virus (potentially linked to HPV), which is why new treatments have been created to treat a virus or infection.

Your first question is usually most certainly “are skin tags harmful?”. Fortunately, skin tags themselves are generally harmless outside of some slight irritation or potential loss of cosmetic confidence. Skin tags can appear in several areas across the body, and can come in several different shapes or forms. Generally a skin tag will have a “bubble-like” appearance, however some skin tags have a standard “bump” or abrasive look.

Where do skin tags appear:

  • Eyelids
  • Neck
  • Armpit
  • Groin Fold(s)
  • Under Breast


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