13 Secrets to a Happy, Healthy Life

Healthy living

Defination of a Healthy life

Your health and happiness are more intertwined than you may realize. In fact, to answer why is it important to stay healthy means living a happier life.  As a result, it is proven to alleviate pain, combat stress, improve heart health, boost your immune system, and generally have a better quality of life. 

To live a healthier, happier life, we have a few pointers we recommend you to focus on. Once you decide to become healthier and to stay healthy, those positive behavioral changes in your life are dependent upon the systems you put in place to support your actions and are crucial to making those behaviors stick with you. 

First, you need to begin to believe in yourself. A positive mental attitude helps establish the links between your thoughts and actions and sets a positive neural pathway between happiness. Your healthy activities are the first step. 

Next, it’s the subsequent actions you take that you build upon to develop a rich life in both health and happiness. 

These tips are important to staying healthy. When you’re healthy, you’ll feel happier and that positivity can lead to a longer life. So these tips shouldn’t be a secret. Share them with your friends, and lead a long, happy life together.

Healthy life Tips

1. Modify Your Diet for a Healthy life

Your body functions best when you fuel it with fresh fruits and vegetables and other whole foods. When you eat a mostly plant-based diet, you’ll be getting antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that slow the aging process. You don’t have to give up meats completely, just make sure you eat less processed meat and fill up on healthy choices, like omega-3 rich fish, instead.  

A diet that is plant-based with whole grains, lean proteins such as fish, poultry, and nuts that are low in fats and use “good” sources of fats such as olive oil avocados. Among other recommendations are to limit the amounts of refined sugars, keep within your caloric needs, and drink proper amounts of water as crucial tips for your dietary health. Don’t worry, making a dietary change doesn’t mean it’s all-or-nothing. You can still choose to have an occasional burger or snacks. These could be part of your “rewards” system,  but keep it all in moderation. 


As mentioned, drinking an appropriate amount of water is vital for staying healthy, especially as you begin to positively change your behaviors. The reason is that water is therapeutic, meaning that it restores and repairs our bodies at the cellular level. 

Benefits of drinking water are:

  • Aids in digestion and weight loss
  • Enhances brain function, including minimizing impact from headaches
  • Regenerates and repairs cellular functions
  • Improves energy
  • Optimizes physical performance

2. Exercise For A Healthy life

Exercises are the best solution for anyone looking to improve their overall well-being and stay healthy and happy.  Adults that are cleared by their doctors should aim for 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. You don’t have to do a high-intensity cardio workout to reap the benefits of exercise. Taking ten-minute walking breaks throughout the day is just as beneficial. Most importantly, find what works for you! You’ll be more likely to stick to an exercise plan if the activity is something you enjoy.

3. Get Enough Sleep

Too often, the first thing we give up on and lack is sleep. The amount and quality of sleep directly impact the moods and energy levels we receive every night. Insufficient sleep has been shown to lead to several chronic illnesses, depressed immune systems, increased risk from heart disease and strokes, and many other cognitive and mental health issues. 

Staying healthy and safe should begin with a good night’s sleep. Your body heals and recharges during sleep, so it’s important to get at least seven to eight hours of shut-eye per night. When you sleep, your body resets itself, so that you can wake up fresh each day. If you find yourself needing more than eight hours of sleep every night, you may want to discuss this with your doctor. Lack of sleep can cause serious side effects.

4. Stress Management

Studies show that one of the best ways to stay healthy is through positive thinking. The power of positive thinking acts as a motivator for you during difficult times such as when changing behaviors, but also positive thinking has direct impacts. It’s important to have a healthy outlet for stress relief because chronic stress can lead to several serious health issues.  When you notice the triggers of stress around you, try to stop stress before it becomes a health issue. Many people make use of stress management outlets, such as exercise, meditation, or writing.

5. Have a Strong Support System

Having a strong support system is key to a long and healthy life. A sense of community can help you better manage stress. When you have friends and family around, you’ll be more likely to enjoy exercise as well. A strong support system provides an invaluable sense of self-worth, which is the foundation of a happy healthy long life.

6. Limit Exposure to Harmful Substances

The constant reminders to stay away from harmful substances only become more important as you age. If you smoke, now is the time to stop! Try to limit alcohol consumption to one glass of red wine, which contains antioxidants that help slow aging.

Another harmful substance can even be too much of a good thing: the sun. Limit exposure to the sun to prevent not only fine lines and wrinkles but also age spots and skin cancer. In addition, limit exposure to harmful chemicals that might be in the air and in your food. Highly processed foods might be tasty in a pinch, but they’re terrible for your health.

7. Find a Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight and BMI can help you live longer. Many chronic diseases are linked to obesity. By managing your weight now, you can make sure you stay healthy later in life. Many of these tips, like eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight.

8. Keep Regular Doctor Appointments

One of the essential steps to stay healthy and happy is to have an annual health check-up. As one of the most recommended ways to stay healthy, a regular health screening can detect disease or other ailments well before they become a significant problem for you.  No one likes going to the doctor, but it’s important to schedule regular screenings and physicals as you age. If you have consistent pain or something just doesn’t feel right, make an appointment with your primary care physician to rule out anything serious. Your relationship with your doctor should be open and honest to ensure you get the best care possible.

Benefits of health check-ups

  • Reduced risk of serious illness or disease
  • Learning about medical devices that can make your life easier, like a new hearing aid
  • Screen for life-threatening disease
  • Improve quality of life and increased life span
  • Improved relationship between doctor care and patient

9. Know Your Risk Factors

Early diagnosis for the disease is one of the best ways to minimize the risk that illness may incur, and improved communication between the doctor and patient is another mitigating factor. As you’re exploring things to do to stay healthy, getting an exam is essential to ensure that your exercise program is the right fit for your condition and overall health.  While your health isn’t entirely determined by genetics, your family history does have a direct impact on your health. If you have a family history of certain diseases or cancers, make sure to get early screenings and testing. Early prevention can be key in stopping an illness before it is too late.


Smoking carries an increased mortality rate, and more deaths stem from smoking than alcoholism, HIV, motor-vehicle, and firearm deaths combined. In addition to being an ugly habit, smoking increases the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke by 2-4 times the average person. The risk of lung cancer increases by 25% in men, with women just over 25% higher risk due to smoking, making smoking 90% of all lung cancer deaths. Smoking can also discolor your teeth. If you’ve spent your hard-earned money on invisible braces or some other type of dental work, doesn’t it make sense to keep your teeth looking beautiful?

11. Practice Gratitude

This final tip is the easiest one of all: be grateful! Try to leave negativity at the door and focus on all the good things you do have. It’s been shown that positive people live longer. Just like a healthy diet, filling your life with positive people, thoughts and things can have long-lasting positive impacts on your longevity.

12. Final Thoughts on a Happy Healthy Long Life

Eating well, drinking water, getting the proper amount of sleep, surrounding yourself with uplifting people, practicing great dental hygiene, and getting enough exercise are some of the best ways to become healthier.

Remember, it’s the actions we create and follow through with that make the habits and change we seek. 

The key is to make a behavioral shift in what you do, and the key to changing your behavior is changing your perspective. Your thoughts become your actions, so change the way you think about your health and set out a plan to act on what you want to become. 

A good starting point is to make your behavioral changes publicized. Tell your friends and family about what you want to do and ask them to support you in the good times and the bad.


There are always going to be obstacles in life. Often you don’t have any direct control over them, but you do have control over who you associate with, so choosing a group of people who can support your goals is crucial for you to stay healthy and happy.