Male Menopause: Overview, Symptoms, and Treatment

What is Male Menopause: In most men, the decrease of the sex hormone testosterone is very slow. In such a situation, they do not see symptoms.

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Male Menopause

What is Male Menopause: “Male Menopause” is the term used to describe ` set of physical, sexual, and mental health symptoms that affect men as they get older. They mirror many of the symptoms that are the same in women of the same age who are experiencing Menopause.

Description of Male Menopause

Menopause or menopause is the condition of stopping menstruation in women. It is a natural physiological change that every woman has to go through after a stage. Menopause is a sign that the woman can no longer reproduce. Do you know that menopause after a stage in men ( there is a situation of Male Menopause)?

Menopause usually occurs in women and men around the age of 50. During this time the level of sex hormones (estrogen in women and testosterone in men) decreases. Low sex hormones result in a decrease in libido. Although the symptoms of the low sex hormone testosterone in men are not usually visible, yet it can happen on the basis of physical changes. In this article, we will give you information related to the menopause of men.

How is menopause different for men and women?

As mentioned in the above lines that women cannot reproduce during menopause, but there is no such problem with men. There are some similarities and some differences in the menopause of both.

First of all, let’s talk about the similarities of menopause between men and women. In both, the state of menopause comes after an age (usually 50 years). During this, the sex hormones estrogen in women and testosterone in men decrease. This creates a dislike for sex. During this time both men and women experience various types of mental conditions like mood swings, anger, loss of libido, etc.

Now let’s talk about what is the difference between the menopause status of both? Menstruation starts in women from puberty, it is an indicator of their ability to conceive. Menstruation stops permanently in women after the state of menopause, that is, after that she cannot become a mother. But it is not so with men. Men can become fathers even after menopause. Yes, but due to lack of testosterone, they may have to face sex-related problems.

What are the symptoms in men during menopause?

Many types of physical and psychological changes are visible in men after menopause. With increasing age, their effect increases. On the basis of the following symptoms, you can recognize the condition of menopause as:

  • decrease in energy
  • depression or sadness
  • lack of confidence
  • Insomnia
  • increase in body fat
  • loss of muscle tone
  • muscle weakness
  • fatigue
  • decreased libido or sex drive
  • development of breasts in men
  • Inability to maintain sex drive
  • weight gain
  • It may even include hot flashes.

How is testosterone deficiency and mismatch different from hypogonadism?

A decrease in testosterone is a physiological change. Mostly it occurs after the age of 50 years. However, if you have had a previous injury to the testes, any serious infection, liver cirrhosis, HIV / AIDS, then even in that case the body does not produce enough testosterone.

Now let’s talk about male hypogonadism. In this condition, the body produces less testosterone. If hypogonadism is activated during pregnancy itself, the baby is born with underdeveloped genitals. Most of the families do not adopt such children and in most cases especially in India, they make their living by dancing and singing.

Diagnosis and treatment of male menopause

Male menopause is a naturally occurring physical change after an age. In most men, the reduction of the sex hormone testosterone is very slow. In such a situation, they do not see symptoms. A testosterone test diagnoses menopause. However, doctors research on several levels before confirming menopause. After confirmation, you can also go for treatment.

By the way, there is no special need for the treatment of menopause. Nevertheless, symptoms can definitely be improved through testosterone replacement therapy. Hormone replacement therapy can be done by both men and women. In this regard, experts say that many side effects like heart disease are also seen in many cases with replacement therapy. Therefore, keeping all the things in mind, hormone replacement should be considered.